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Welcome to our amazing community where you will find encouragement and inspiration, where you will be supported in making positive changes. We are incredibly passionate about our yoga and fitness classes! People of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels practice with us – our classes are for everyone. We offer more than just exercise, we offer a health and happiness prescription. Offering Bikram yoga classes, Vinyasa Flow, Hot Barre, Hot Pilates, Hot Core Fusion, Afterburn, and PiYo, we are the premier hot studio for the Fort Bend area! Come just as you are today and start receiving the healing benefits that will change your life! Come practice, sweat, and leave with an Afterglow.


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Just another Thursday morning @afterglowhotyoga! We have classes every hour from 8:30 to 12:30!

8:30-Hot 50
9:30-Hot Barre
10:30-Hot 50
11:30-Hot Flow
Then we're open again at 4:30 until 8:30! No excuses!

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And sometimes you think Camel is trying to kill you 😝😅🐪 but you have to work through it! There are too many benefits not to:

1. Reduces fat on thighs
2. Opens up the hips, stretching deep hip flexors
3. Stretches and strengthens the shoulders and back
4. Expands the abdominal region, improving digestion and elimination
5. Improves posture
6. Opens the chest, improving respiration
7. Loosens up the vertebrae
8. Relieves lower back pain
9. Helps to heal and balance the chakras
10. Strengthens thighs and arms
11. Improves flexibility, especially in the spine
12. Stimulates endocrine glands
13. Releases tension in the ovaries
14. Stretches the ankles, thighs, groin, abdomen, chest, and throat
15. Cures constipation
16. Tones organs of the abdomen, pelvis, and neck
17. Complements overall health and well-being

That's all😊

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